Where Clouds Come From

Christian, a shy boy of unusual size for age six and an inherent ability to talk to grown ups like one of them, was always there for his little sister. 

Sara was still a baby or so Christian thought. She had big brown doe eyes and always asked a lot of questions. “Why” being the main one.

Christian and Sara were playing in the back garden with water toys on a hot, sticky summer day, swishing and slopping cold water all over themselves and their cat Fat Mackie.

Fat Mackie was the largest cat in the neighbourhood. He had very short legs and growled like a dog. His belly was so big it nearly dragged on the floor, but he was still a very fast cat. Christian and Sara thought it may have to do with his 6 toes on each foot, it gave him great traction.

Christian, Sara and Fat Mackie were giggling and growling and screaming in their outdoor voices when the sky suddenly grew very dark. The wind started swirling and gigantic black and green clouds came blowing in from the west.

Forked lightning ripped the air in two, right above their heads and Christian knew the thunder would soon follow. It was his job to get Sara and Fat Mackie into the house away from the dangerous storm.

Fat Mackie was growing scared and Sara was shaking when Christian picked them both up and ran to the house.

Fat Mackie and Sara bounced in Christian’s arms as he quickly ran into the house before the thunder hurt their ears.

Scared, they huddled together in Christian’s bedroom, under the covers until the storm passed.

Once the thunder slipped away, Sara turned to Christian and asked, “Where do clouds come from?”

Christian replied, “Well, you know all those dreams you have?”

Sara puzzled said, “Yes.”

“All those dreams, spiral up to the sky at night and make clouds.”

Sara, even more confused asked, “Why?” as she waited for Christian to continue, which of course, he always did.

Christian began to tell his tale, “Clouds are dreams from everybody in the world. Some dreams are playful and good and others are nightmares with monsters and bad things. The puffy or wispy clouds that look like cotton balls and feathers across the sky are all the good dreams meeting and talking.

When the nightmares meet each other, they become low dark scary clouds and the monsters inside start to fight and it comes out as thunder.

After days and days of collecting all the bad dreams of the world, the sky opens up and the lightning tries to scare the monsters away.

When it starts to rain, it just means the clouds are crying and washing all the bad dreams from everyone in the world away. The sadness drips away so it can be bright and sunny again.

When the sun shines on a brilliant day, it means there are no bad dreams or monsters in the world, just joy and happiness.

Clouds wash away everybody’s bad dreams, so the sun can shine brighter tomorrow.”

Sara, just stared at her brother, she was too busy listening to hear the storm had passed.

“Christian, I didn’t know you were that smart.”

“Of course I am Sara, I’m the oldest.”

Sara, giggling, put her arm around her big brother and said, “Sure you are Christian, by about 2 minutes!”

Christian, the older twin smiled that smile that always made her laugh and started a tickle fight.

Fat Mackie just sat in the corner and growled.

The End

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  1. Robert says:

    I just loved this story, it made me smile. It gave hope to Sara that brighter things will always come.

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