The Kiss

The car moved steadily along the motorway, the sun setting slowly behind us. The conversation light, but it didn’t mask the anticipation that was building with each patch of fading tarmac covered. And a pregnant pause swallowed the laughter sooner than expected.

Shifting uncomfortably in my seat, I pushed my body further away. Distance had to be  respected as I tried to focus on anything else but him. But I needed to see his profile.  Rough and refined in the same turn and that familiar spot behind his ear that looked so soft, I couldn’t tear my eyes away. It was the first place I wanted to touch, and though tempted, with effort I kept my hands firmly in my lap.

When he saw me staring, he glanced away from the road. The car pulled immediately to the right. Looking up through my lashes, he saw wonder and confusion. But when I smiled, he returned it.

Clearing his throat, his eyes darted toward me, “Well, this is awkward,” he laughed, “Perhaps, just one kiss and it will be better.”

My surprised gaze caught his. This was the last thing I thought would come from his lips. Well, one of them anyway. The love given in many languages spilled from them long ago; though no longer his confidante, that had ended in a previous life for reasons that seemed right to him, but so wrong for me.

Sadness had eaten away since. Even through the real or forced smiles that he would see from time to time, the gloom never really left. He knew what he had thrown away, but denial was more easily ingrained when he could no longer feel me close. And now, when there was no way out, we met our fate together.

He repeated, “Just one kiss…”

A graceless, “What?” fell from my mouth and he smiled, knowing he had shocked.

“I said, just one kiss. I’ve been thinking about you for weeks.”

My own response stuck in my throat, “I’ve never stopped,” but my centre immediately began to twitch.

That’s what his proximity did. That damnable, incessant heartbeat between my legs as the blood started to collect.

Destruction would ensue, it was inevitable. Eventually I’d be thrown in that dark pit again, but I replied, “Ok love, just one.”

I wanted to  smile, but couldn’t mimic the one I was bathed in; he leaned towards me, eyes open until the last, when I felt his breath and our lips connected.

I blocked out the world to drown in the sensation of him. The gentle kneading, the easy give and take of muscle memory. The hungry escalation towards need, and it was the same
reaction it’s always been. Volatile.

Lingering on his lower lip, the familiar taste, with a hint of aggression, I was lost and I couldn’t surface. My eyes fogged, my mind clouded and I pulled away, only to feel a sudden correction, a fraction of a second before we became part of the barrier. Then the giddy, terrified laughter became ridiculous.

Once safely travelling down the road, the fit of giggles over, I reached across to touch the skin that had captivated me so. Slowly tracing his ear, I stroked the skin and it was just as I had remembered.

He sighed, his attention immediately refocused.

I felt a gurgling build from my stomach to my throat and raspy sound escaped, “Pull over.”

Quickly finding the next exit, I jumped from the car before it had stopped moving. Shaky hands lit the cigarette as I heard him slam the door.

Rushing from the claustrophobic car, I came to rest upon a slight hill, with the vista including miles upon miles of raw, green turf. Inexplicably, a hot air balloon was in the distance. The strange symmetry and happy rainbow stripes on the floating behemoth danced on the unseen current, as a postcard unfolded before my eyes.

Then my waist was possessively enclosed by his large, elegant hands which explored me frombehind before he pulled me backwards, his hardness pressed against me, my name tumbling from his lips, as he kissed my hair.

Spiralling, I couldn’t stop. It didn’t matter what it cost as our mouths fused.

Tongue stroked, incessantly; touching a spot in my mouth I didn’t realize, after so many years, was an erogenous zone. The lovely lips against mine belonged to a giant of a man, in stature and strength.

I imagined myself nearly naked, his hands roaming over each bit of skin. My hips automatically ground into him, when he reached down. The fabric didn’t matter as he danced over the flossy triangle in perfect time with his deft mouth.

The heat exacerbated the slow and succulent excitement. Deepening, teasing, withdrawing, then attacking again. His tongue flat against mine, save the acrobatic tip that turned me into another.

His eyes were open, watching, as I writhed, powerless againnst the onslaught. The tides of juice that streamed were solely his doing. All he needed to do was touch that one bulging spot and I’d be released from this tender torment…and I nearly begged  him to.

Recognizing what I needed, he finally spoke, “Let me…”

And his fingers, reached inside, floated over my belly and landed lower still. Arching towards the welcome friction, a sound echoed in his chest, “Look at me love, when you cum for me.”

Already shaking, I nodded my head as his tongue madly stroked my own, swallowing each others breath.

His erection grew against my thigh, each swell and twitch, and I knew.

The desolate words and past were merely that. The chemistry, unchanged, as he granted my pleasure first, as he always had and I hoped, without logic, it would be the beginning of so many delicious ends.

How could I ever know what one kiss would do?

Like chemicals in a test tube, colliding with one another. Watching the spark of reaction, then exponentially increasing, overflowing its confines. Seemingly out of control, but in reality, each time those two chemicals intertwine, the result was predicatably explosive.

Something new was created as each was consumed. The question of whether the destruction lasts a moment or a lifetime doesn’t matter. The answer repeats, infinitely.

That’s what one kiss can do.

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