Strangers, Without a Train

What made her decide to indulge in this dangerous craving?

Was it when she looked upon her still sleek, under-used body, she had to enjoy it before the clock ticked down? Perhaps. It was never a mystery to her that she was as mortal as the rest. No surprises there. But the last three months (or three years, depending on how she looked at it) drove the point straight through her breast.

Her heart plodded on, but there was no blood pumping through it. It was a ragged place, heavy with obligation and the necessary secrecy that harboured all her needs and fears.  Just writing them down was a risk, but she felt alive again by doing so. Now only to turn words to action.

The last guilty step. The worn ring bore some weight, but she gave up passion with her vows, conciously, and now many a year had passed and another concious choice made.

But her body couldn’t lie and each day fought vainly. The sudden wetness, the telling arousal can only be ignored for so long. Maybe this overriding need would pass in another year, or two or ten, but right now, the only thing that mattered was to add to life’s all too fleeting experience.

Actively sought, the time had come and this man was such a stranger; so wholly unconnected to her. The thought of him made her knees weak and the pounding began between her legs. What could be, the exploration, the initiation, kept her up nights.

She thought of this as he approached. Only a quick glimpse solidified her determination and she broke out, unknowlingly, into a sexy smile. Stalking down the aisle, her heart leapt from nippled peaks to throat as the blood rushed into her ears, choking out all sound. Overwhelmed by the anticipation of this moment, she hadn’t realized how turning those  fantasies to actions, couldarouse. It hadn’t seemed real to her, until now. And this man  was a different kind of food, she thought, when she looked upon him.

But the rumbling wasn’t in her belly, it was several precious degrees lower.

An impromtu game of cat and mouse began. Where to meet as not to be easily discovered, but still exposed enough to excite. She hoped the afternoon would be flavoured with the lust that gnawed away at bone.

Walking slowly so he could easily follow, she swung her hips into an alcove found only
seconds before, public yet still hidden. Worried her nervous shaking would be misconstrued, she braced against a wall and desperately tried to still.

She heard his footfall close the gap and her heart beat wildly. If she looked down she would have been able to see it pumping in her chest.

When he saw her, he smiled. A naughty boy, a horny man and it was exactly what she needed to see. She felt wanted…desired, and she was alive in her own skin again.

As they pounced, no words passed, only the heat of their breath. Tongues completely filled each others mouths…so unfamiliar and exciting. When his hands jumped down to cup her ass during that first searing kiss, he pushed her roughly back up against the wall. The  shaking had stopped, her hips jutted forward and she wound her hands in his thick hair pulling closer, trying to get every part of her into him while still clothed.

Down her neck his tongue travelled, nipping, licking, deliciously marking the receptive skin. Accelerating so quickly, blood pounded between her legs, her skin—every patch of skin magnetically attracted to his own, and in that moment she had to know what the feel of his cock would be like in her hand. Then the weight and the strength answered through the fabric, as she grabbed him.

A promise was fulfilled when he popped the buttons on her blouse, lifted her breast, and squeezed her nipple into his agile mouth. Teased to hard while he suckled, she tried not to moan and failed miserably.

Then floodgates opened and all those exquisite juices collected between her thighs as he turned her around to mimic the pounding they both wanted. She felt him against her tight ass, pulling her hair then kissing her neck. And she could easily imagine him slipping inside and filling her.

Such all-consuming kisses. Flickering tongues swirled, teeth nipped against her lip, then they swallowed each other whole as they pushed up against one another trying to melt their bodies to one, unable to diffuse the charge with clothes in between.

She was surprised her skin didn’t glow with the electricity he had pumped into her. That instant connection, with more than a hint of what could be, fired her.

But thoroughly out of breath and gratefully gulping some down, they broke apart and he kissed her raw lips softly.

It seemed appropriate as they grinned through their greeting, “Hi…,” though neither knew the other’s name.

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