The Reality Series – In Heated Cedar

Tucked into the trees, a private sauna, my head took a long, lazy spin. I had been without you too long. And I couldn’t take my eyes away.

The cedar steam cleansed. I breathed in the thick air slowly, feeling the heat spread.

Lying down, your body in repose, your mind was clearing. Forgetting all the trials of life, you were becoming yourself again. I could see your heartbeat thumping against the wall of your chest in a steady rhythm. Not an angel, not a devil…just human.

Something turned in my stomach. An in-the-gut happy that I wanted to hold onto, where you need to be a little out-of-control to feel it. You were enchanting in your natural state.

I have needs, just as you do. Desires are hot and restless inside me, just as yours. We could both take what we need. It was understood.

Getting up, I opened the door then touched your face. “I need some air,” I said whispering, bringing my lips to yours; oh, you tasted salty. “I need more than air,” my lips moved down your chest, my tongue lapping you up. Fingers stroked your wet skin. “I need you…”

Your eyes opened when I slid my body on top of yours.

“Say yes.” I said as I slithered on top of you, your cock had already agreed.

Your hands gripped my hips and with that dark beast in your eyes, the underlying aggression added a slippery thrill that fed the wildness inside me. You slid achingly slow into me, my nipple between your teeth.

Moving purposely and with each thrust you found new ways to tantalize. My flesh was damp and fragrant, hot and slick. It was a kind of madness when your kisses seared me. There was no room for thought, no room for reason.

As I rode you hard to climax, rolling restlessly over the bench in search of pure pleasure, the air thickened with the luscious scent our passion combining.

I was lost in the frenzy of sensation. Your pulsing cock inside me, your mouth still clamped to my breast. Your hands roamed and squeezed fingerprints into my flesh. I’d bruise, but didn’t care, it was only skin. The feral need to be taken made me open and give everything to you. Needing you to fill me with your sweet seed would be my reward.

Oh, the glory of our animal urges, the mindless wonder of being so alive.

The need to complete the intimacy broke me open at last. The tidal wave moved. You groaned watching me peak and I melted. The rush of adrenaline, an earthquake in the heart and body and the sound of my pounding blood in my ears as you let me in, filling me as your mouth met mine again.

You devoured my lips then tired to reign yourself back in, panting hard. But you couldn’t deny the deep aching that came from so long ignoring the blood and starving the intimacy of the soul.

There were no questions this time.

Out the door I ran to be swallowed by the snow. Then I heard you behind me….

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