You opened the door and led me inside the chilly room.

The sun was coming through the windows, casting bright, sharp lines onto the commercial
carpeting as my breathing quickened.

Finally, together. No distractions. Not having to pretend or act. Only you and I.

I wanted you to take me slowly and after such anticipation, we had the days we needed to do just that.

So quiet, just the occasional noise from outside the window intrudes and it casts a larger  shadow into the thickening silence because our easy banter had stopped. We had been talking and laughing all day. Walking hand in hand, like lovers should, strolling in an unfamiliar city. We were happy and completely anonymous.

Closing the door gently, the click reverberrated and I felt you move towards me when I had stepped into the sunlight, looking out the window. The city was still active far below us, though for me all time had stopped when I crossed the threshold into the room that held my salvation.

“Why was everything still moving?” I thought, staring through the panes of thick glass. It should be still. All should be frozen. The moment I had waited for was upon me and the world should stop turning.

Your hands trailed up my arms possessively, moving the hair away from my neck and placing a gentle kiss there. I heard you indulgently inhale the scent behind my ear. When your fingers slipped into the collar of my jacket, sliding it off my frame and slinging it over the closest chair, I shivered.

Your fingers found my shoulders again as you pressed your lips into my hair, then you turned me around.

The smile I was expecting wasn’t there.

Pensive and worried, you looked nervous. The emotional damn broke and my own nerves found release when the damnable tears started to collect and threatened to overflow when
you reached down to kiss my trembling lip. “Finally,” you whispered reverently, cupping my face.

Agile fingers began to unbutton my blouse while your eyes didn’t leave mine. With each new piece of exposed skin, my breathing changed until your hands pulled on my sleeves to discard the fabric on the floor.

Then and only then did you look down to the swell of my breasts. Heaving, my chest rose and fell rapidly as you lightly touched the silk that bound my breasts. Your fingers worked as though they were tasting the flesh beneath them.

Then you finally smiled.

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