On A Bad Day

You were quite irritable because I had been annoying for days. Too many things on my mind after a long hard day at work. On the way home I got a ticket for speeding, shattering my perfect driving record and I ran over a squirrel. Could it get any worse? I was mad at myself and let the world know about it. Maybe I was hormonal, who knew? But I was late. Very late. And it was my turn to cook. Damn, I hated cooking. Creating a meal together was one thing, that was fun, but just making food because it was time to eat. Hated it! I think I’ll have to renegotiate the terms of this arrangement.

Walking through the door into an empty, dark house an hour and forty-five minutes late, I tossed the groceries on the counter and let the dog out the back door. Cursing that I didn’t have the time, I would have to walk him after dinner. And it looked like it was going to rain again. Shit. Exhaling a scathing sigh, I went to quickly change into something comfortable to get on with my next chore; one full time job to another.

Plugging in my iPod, the house filled with loud music. I was exhausted but had a lot of pent up frustration and angry energy. I picked my flawlessly formulated “Bad Day” playlist and was immediately assaulted by a bass line that I felt in my lungs. “Perfect,” I said aloud, taking a step at a time, as grinding Metallica started to play.

I had been my favourite grey business suit all day, it usually gave me such confidence, a power suit accessorized with sky-high boots, but now I needed to relax and wiggle my toes. My mind was clicking through the days’ events as I went into the bathroom.

My office life would be so much easier if that self absorbed, control freak would retire. Normally we don’t have a lot of contact and I thank my lucky stars daily for it. But with this project she was all over me. She always needed to assert herself to the point of bullying. Also having an assertive personality and not amused with her tactics, I was usually the one to stand up to her poor analysis and selfish political arguments and good old-fashioned lies. Sometimes I won. Sometimes I lost. Today, I lost and it truly pissed me off. If I had a voodoo doll I would have used it, I thought as I took of my fitted jacket and placed it on a hanger.

“Shake it off,” I sighed, scanning to the tired face in the mirror. It would be an early night if I had a hope in hell of winning the next round. Ok, so I’m a little competitive. Not such a bad thing…sometimes.

The music which normally would let my mind empty, wasn’t working. Still fuming as I took off the long necklaces that dangled to my waist, when I heard the front door open. Unbuttoning my blouse, it hugged across my curves and as I opened another snap, it made me feel good when I saw the pretty new bra. Cream coloured with white polka dots, it nearly blended into my skin. It was my little bit of pretty that confirmed the importance to still feel like a woman even with a business suit on. “Take joy in the small things,” I chanted like a mantra.

I heard you calling for me, your accent ringing in my ears above the rising drum beat, “Honey? I’m home.” The next song mirrored what I felt that day, my mind reeling still from the work I brought through the door. Still fuming, I would really like to use some of the song on my co-worker. A sonic assault to drown her out for once.

Pulling my shirt out of my pants, I heard you climb the steps. “Where’s the dog?”

Exasperated I blurted out, “Where do you think he is?” Sarcasm dripped from my tongue and even I winced at the sound.

There was protracted silence when you realized I wasn’t in the best of moods. Not looking up, I heard you curse in your native tongue as you came into the bathroom.

“What’s the problem?” You asked, but your voice was on a knife edge. A tough day was written all over your shoulders. Completely pre-occupied, I didn’t ask about yours.

“Nothing. Doesn’t matter. I’ll be down in a minute. I was late.” I spat in a clipped tone as I turned and held onto the sink trying to keep my work and home life separate. I didn’t want to be mad at you. But you were in the immediate vicinity and if you didn’t leave…

“Well don’t get mad at me if you’ve had a bad day.”

“Just leave me alone. I’ll be fine.”

You stepped forward and moved to crowd me, “No,” your voice softened a little, “This project has made you impossible.”

You were right, but I was in no mood to admit it. I didn’t want to lose again. Not today. But when I’m mad, I don’t like my personal space invaded. Or being told what to do. I needed to calm down on my own and work through it. You knew this. You knew everything about me. Good and bad. Why were you antagonizing me? “Look. I’ll be down as soon as I change,” I turned away from your renewed expression of annoyance.

“No!” You said, your voice rising. “I’ve had enough, come here.” And you grabbed my shoulder to turn me around again.

I didn’t want to face you. You’d make me melt. I didn’t feel like melting.

“I know I’m late and I couldn’t pick up the dry cleaning or do any of the errands I needed to and,” I exhaled heavily trying to steady the anger, “It’s just been a crappy day.”

“It’s not just today. You have been miserable for weeks.” Then you started to move me closer for a hug.

It was the last thing I needed. I slapped your hand away before I even realized I did it.

Instantly, your eyes turned furious as your hand reached me and pulled me into you. You wrapped the other arm around me, leaving me immobile.

“Let me go…come on—not now,” I whined .

“Yes now damn it!” You said as you launched your mouth on mine. It was a hard, hungry, angry kiss. I felt your fury and the pent up frustration, we hadn’t had sex for…damn, I couldn’t remember, I’d been too preoccupied. And now your tongue invaded my mouth without my permission.

I nearly bit it off.

“Ok, that’s it!” You yelled. “Always a biter, huh?” you muttered, scooping me from my feet and tossing me onto the bed. My heels dug in as I struggled, but you placed your body over mine so quickly, I couldn’t get away.

My breathing excellerated, adrenaline pumping when you held my wrists and attacked my mouth again. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?” I cursed.

“I’ve tried to be nice. For weeks, tried to give you space. Tried to give you a hug and you nearly ripped my arm out of its socket. But now I’m pissed off. The only thing I haven’t tried is fucking this foul mood out of you.”

“Christ! Not now, I have to make dinner.”

“Fuck dinner.” You said, assaulting my mouth while my silk covered breasts pressed into you.

Biting you again, I nipped your bottom lip. Well, not hard, just hard enough, as the next selection played on. Tensing your arms, you went very still, threatening in a low growl, “If you don’t start behaving and stop biting me, I’ll tie you up and leave you up here.” You were completely serious.

Your hands moved down my arms and I tried to get up but you pushed me down, decisively. “Did I tell you that you could leave?”

I had never seen you this determined before. And as much as I hated the testosterone laden display, it was arousing. A lot. But my ire and craving for you banged around inside me. It made me angrier.

Your mouth moved over all my exposed skin and when you encountered fabric, you ripped it from me. My shirt lay haphazardly on the floor as your tongue made its way down my ribcage.

Don’t moan. Don’t moan…I thought to myself, though you felt so good. Your teeth scraping my skin, taking so much of the flavour and scent into you, don’t moan.

“If I let go, will be good?” You asked smiling.

I returned your smile with a sly one of my own, “Of course,” I purred.

Letting my wrists go, you made your way to the snap on my pants and pulled them off me as I started to squirm away from you. Pushing me back down to the bed, you said, “Ok, if that’s how you want to play, you’re on.”

I was laying there, furious and exposed in knee scraping boots and my underwear. When you buried your face between my legs, the room turned on its’ axis. Drawing breath, you pushed my legs farther apart and deeply inhaled, biting and licking at the fabric.

This time I did moan. I didn’t mean to but you felt so good.

Then you flipped me over so quickly my stomach was still moving when I stopped.

On all fours, the panties ripped away from my hips, shredding the thin fabric and holding fast to my hair, your arm wrapped around my waist so I couldn’t move.

Every movement quickened. From behind you licked the natural wetness. Opening your pants your erection raged and you teased me with it. Dipping in, just a little. “Tell me what you need.”

“No.” I wasn’t going to give in. The prospect of angry sex did nothing to alleviate my mood

I am too stubborn for my own good sometimes. Pulling out, I felt empty without you.

Teasing, you dipped inside again, “Tell me…” tightening your grip on my hair while your fingers clamped into my butt.

I tried to shake my head, but your grip was iron.

Leaning over me, you took my earlobe and licked it as you whispered, “Say it love.” Your hard dick just waiting, pushing against the barrier, your hand moving down and starting to play with my engorged bundle of nerves.

The first touch made me shiver, you felt it and then you moved faster over my tender flesh. I was panting, my breath coming in greedily. Each nerve, every part of skin you touched came alive as I cried, “I need you to fuck me!”

Each breath I took burned and I stopped all together as you threw your hips forward and I took your full length. It was angry and raw as we used our bodies to vent mutual frustration.

I couldn’t see your face, but I knew your eyes were wide open; not missing the perfect view of you sliding in and out of me. Your voice caught in your throat by the sight, stiffening your hardness even more when my wet walls gave you another squeeze.

Becoming more animal and less human as the long strokes continued, I hadn’t forgotten why I was so mad before. I bucked my hips to drive you deeper. It was all physical sensation, just raging, frenzied sex when you suddenly stopped and pulled out of me.

Violently turning me over, I landed on my back, my heel nearly puncturing your leg. Grabbing it out of the way before it could do any damage, you stretched it straight, fingers working working down my leather-clad calf. I didn’t know how much I could stand when you answered the silent question and pushed my legs apart to slide two fingers in. Your thumb on very different button, working in small intense circles and each time you hand moved, my body would twitch in time. “Open for me…my sweet, mm-m.”

Your hand still working, you came up for a kiss. It was simple and innocent as you pulled back and looked into me with shining eyes, whispering, “Love me…” And the song changed again.

The music brought me back to when we first made love and I wrapped my legs around you. The tension began to crest deep below my belly. Your name caught in my throat when you slipped slowly inside me again, holding onto my eyes as I tightened around you.

“So warm,” you whispered and we began to move together. Fully out, fully in, wet and wonderful, over and over again. Your arms were shaking, just like before.

So hard, plumbing the depths, so much of you, my heart exploded when I saw you empty into me, shivering down the other side of your climax. My own climax peaked because of your expression, and it seemed like you had crawled inside me.

I needed to taste your lips and lifting my head, placed my arms around your neck and continued with long, languid kisses.

“Still angry?” You whispered against my mouth.

“No. I feel like all my limbs detached,” I giggled and you laughed kissing my nose.

“Such a lovely nose…” you smiled and I felt soft and warm and safe. Then two heavy sighs followed as you lay on your side staring at me, touching my skin as we caught our breath.

I turned my head and with a slow smile asked, “Again?”

You started to shake with laughter, “Give me a minute love.”

When suddenly we heard a painful howling from the back window.

“Oh shit, I forgot the dog,” I jumped to get out of bed.

You pushed me back down and kept kissing me, “Fuck the dog,” you breathed.

Eventually we made our way downstairs, paid some serious attention to the neglected dog and I started dinner with your arms wrapped around my waist. You were humming against the back of my neck and we were happy. Cooking wasn’t so bad after all.

As I stirred the sauce I thought, “Now if this was a bad day, I wonder what a good one would be like…”

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