The Reality Series – Needful Things

Hot and nearly brutal your mouth seared mine. It was like a branding. You pinned my arms leaving me helplessly trapped in a kiss that was all hunger and all heart. Oh, the thrill of you inside my veins again recalled the drug like quality our connections excited. The shameless pleasure of it didn’t shock, only begging for more did. As I vibrated with the tension, the words spilled, “Just be with me or damn me, but please do it now….”

Your hands moved into my hair and fisted, holding me tight. As much as I wanted to see you suffer with the truth of our needs, I couldn’t. Swaying at your back door, “Come inside,” was your reply.

We didn’t make it into the kitchen, beforemy clothes disappeared. Oh, to be touched and stroked again by hard hands both foreign and familiar. I’ve dreamt of it often. The wild and wicked freedom of you, flooded away all the hurt and worry and doubt.

Your hands were filled with my flesh, the curves and slender lines and our blood surged in a primal beat. When I caught my breath, you moaned.

Your hand slid up my leg. When you touched my inner thigh, I twitched and shivered. You groaned at the length of them and higher they moved toward the gathering, slick heat between.

“I have to,” and your fingers plunged in. Your face was buried in my hair, the soft, clean scent mixed with the smell of our impending intimacy when I erupted. “Again,” your fingers moved back inside, “Again,” they thumped against me, “Again…” your slippery fingers took more while your teeth grazed up and down my neck in time with the rhythms. Pure pleasure and pure agony. I needed all of you to fill me.

My body bucked and shuddered, impossibly hot, wonderously wet and gloriously soft, you found my mouth again and swallowed my breath.

Nearly crying in desperation, I fumbled with the button of your pants. Opening and dropping, your hardened cock strained against the thin fabric left. Pushing me backwards, you lifted me to the counter, removed what was left of your clothes and suckled hard at my nipple. My hand snaked to your strong dick and the bead of moisture on the tip wet my finger. Eager for your taste, I licked it off. It was everything about you in that succulent drop.

Gripping my hips, our eyes locked, both dark and wide as your raging hardness found it’s way home in one long, strong thrust. To get you deeper I wrapped my legs around you. My head was thrown back as you feasted on my breasts. I relished the heavy sensation of being helplessly ravaged. We were alive, so miraculously, brutally alive.

My arms locked around you in possessive ropes, my mouth savouring, our tongues tasting, tangling, sharing heaving breaths. In an instant the world went still and we were the only ones in it and this was the only thing that mattered. The magic of opening hearts and bodies to revel in what should ever be. And we took each other where we stood, my nails scoring your back as you moved determinedly deeper.  Faster and faster the air left our lungs, mirroring perfectly the approaching a peak with frenzied, relentless feeding.

I felt tears, joyful tears when our eyes met again. The race towards pleasure,  stole every other thought. Our coupling was willfully violent as the one long swipe of release jolted through our bodies. My system laid bare, past all reason, I surrendered and opened and your sweet sperm filled me to overflowing.

Scorched and sweaty, weak and quivering, we held each other up. Our foreheads touching as we struggled to take in air, bruised flesh to bruised flesh and we were dizzy from the intensity and joy. That lovely feeling of using your body for what it was intended. We were spent.

We let ourselves float in the moment, staring breathlessly at one another when simultaneously, slow smiles spread. My hand reached for your face and cupped it gently.

But the kiss I laid on your lips wasn’t. It was an invitation for more.

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