The Reality Series – And I Remember

The desire was such a beast, such a monster, it was beyond rational thought. I would need years to explore everything. And thrive on both the chaos and serenity of the perfect fit. It needn’t be havoc merely finding that elusive thing; it is joy.

I remember…

And see my hot little sex sliding over your erect cock.

Riding at a gallop until your legs buckle and your eyes roll over. Muscles you’ve never even dreamed of awaken when I squeeze every last drop from you.

The energy and scent our combined sex drips from the walls, making the whole room alive.

My writhing hips spank the sink with your marvellous thrusts.

A multitude of cries in my head escape breathless from my lips.

I am lost as I had never been lost. No man had so seared or emptied me.

Still a bulging mass of arousal and genitals; we cannot be satiated.

The knot in my pussy tightened then expanded rhythmically at the memory.

But before I mounted you, I tasted the little trace of clear moisture that textured the skin of your cock. I dabbed my tongue into the tiny hole to clear out all the potent fluid.

And as I rode hard, the tightened face below told of the wild spurts that began to fill me.

To rally your cock to feed me once more, I coaxed it to rise. We had tormented each other enough and we weren’t easily satisfied. Determined; you would rise again.

Letting out a winding, shuddering moan. I remembered nothing. But this time it seemed slower, deeper and more utterly devastating. “The last time…” burned brightly for a moment in my mind, then I collapsed back against you, my head seemingly detached and rolling from my shoulders, your cock thumping and twitching inside.

We didn’t leave the pinnacle for an age. I stared drowsily at your naked profile, my head buried in the perfect crevice of your shoulder.

There were no good intentions, we couldn’t fake this intimacy. It was real.


Goodnight my love, I take you back to my bed and you go willingly. Such a sweet fantasy.

Ever your aching and passionate,


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