Room V101

Damn, she was lost.

Most decidedly lost.

The streets, that were once her home felt foreign and the clock was ticking.

On a strict time limit, her heart bounded against her ribs as each second sped past, no closer to her goal.

“Damn,” she mouthed aloud, though the passers-by paid no attention to her random vulgarity; it was something not unheard of in this neighbourhood.

Annoyance made her head tilt and body swivel, trying to locate any landmark that would spark a memory. Pacing fruitlessly, she stopped and tipped up on her toes, searching the towering glass reflections while her impatience itched.

The sun, midway through its’ slow descending arc heralded she could wait no longer. Her reservations and offices that shadowed each step, but she pulled out her lifeline, tapped and immediately connected to the molten voice that made her shiver.

She could hear the smile in his voice, and his directions spun her around across the street and into a building, she hadn’t realized was there. Similar to what stewed inside her, it was something that she ignored in both the past, and certainly the present. But not anymore. She was determined…not anymore.

Reaching for the door, the vacuum of air ruffled her hair as her heels clattered on the marble. The phone to her ear, another instruction lengthened her stride. Now, it was palpably close.

“Through the set of doors, on the right…,” came the next whisper and she followed it faithfully. Clambering, she made the turn.

“In here,” the low voice intoned in not one but both ears, those sweet words echoing down the locker-lined hall.

She had gone too far and smiled broadly nevertheless.

Six steps. That’s all it would take. Six steps back to discover what she was looking for.

Whipping through the open door he reached out and grabbed her, “Hey, how are—,” was all he said before she lunged, swallowing him whole.

She wondered if he realized her body went up in flames at that first touch. The staggering anticipation of breaking vowed constraints merely amped up the intensity when she met any part of his skin.

In this empty classroom, with people walking determinedly by the open door, the fallow remnant of sexuality spread, consuming her doubts.

Instantaneously her skin screamed, her heart hammered, all the sounds and smells, textures and tastes exploded as he matched his pace to hers and shoved her against the wall. Somehow, he read what she wanted without a word. And that pure ache. That underused animal was liberated, alive after being dead for far too long.

Should it happen when they had more time? Would it be the last she would see of this mysterious, luscious man? She reflected, but truly didn’t care while they consumed the other. Lips joined and tongues deepened their exploration. Her hand found the growing strength between his legs and happily swallowed his moan into her mouth.

Not thinking that was the problem, she berated herself. But in truth, it was a very recent problem. It had been the polar opposite for an age. Over-analyzing, rationalization, and everything decided with clinical detachment as the promises made gnawed tediously away at who she had become. Then time stretched onto decades, building a life that was comfortable but lacking in every other vital way. But none of it mattered now; it felt too good trying to squeeze into his skin. She wouldn’t dissolve any longer. Now she wanted him. Now, she wanted it all.

Yes, there was guilt. The rings she wore weren’t given to her by the man who was destined to explode inside her that very afternoon. Though as the same time the guilt festered, there was the liberation of other, darker fantasies, long denied. She had to admit, it was the thought of being so bad, of taking another that stirred the mass of frustration to boiling.

Into his hair, her hands went when their mouths connected and consumed. The precarious lean of her hips rubbed up against him. Reaching down to squeeze her ass, he pulled her closer and the telltale hardness grew.

Wrenching apart, they smiled, “Did you want to find somewhere more private?” He asked. Following without a word, she wanted to be led, hold his hand, but didn’t dare. And there was no need to answer the question as they began to scour the building.

Up the stairs he watched the sway of her hips intently, she turned around as she felt his eyes burn through her clothes. And she enjoyed seeing the mischievous grin on his face when she returned one of her own.

The stairs rose as did the heat between them. When they found a room, the door clicked shut and she was immediately on her knees, looking up as she felt him tickle the back of her throat. Ripping open her blouse, he squeezed and suckled a semi-erect nipple into his mouth.

His body snug to hers, his breathing hitched in his throat as she reached down to play with saliva-slick cock.

When she moaned, he released her breast and whispered, “I am going to fuck you now, hard…”

From that moment to the next, her pants were down and he pushed her against the wall, turning her around. Wet and willing, he drove into her wetness. So visibly aroused, he began to pound into her. “Faster, fuck me faster—oh harder…,” she breathed, trying not to moan too loudly.

They could hear the students walking by, but soon it didn’t matter. If the door were open, she wouldn’t have cared as long as he continued to ram deep inside her. The way his fingers dug into her hips, wrapped into her hair and pulled. Impaled on his cock, she felt his imprints in and over her skin and wondered if she would be able to close her legs after that raucous pounding.

Jackrabbiting against her, he filled the flimsy barrier, which gripped her lower than her stomach. Her knees began to buckle as the shot emptied and she felt her pussy tighten around him, milking each drop. No words came to mind as they slowed. But her body felt deliciously used.

It was too soon. How she could have explored his taste and skin and mouth for longer than this adventure. That was the only regret as they descended the stairwell. His teasing kisses continued when he leaned in with no other part of them touching, and it only begged for more.

She wanted his hand back on her ass as they walked, so he could feel the shimy in the last of the day’s sun. It seemed the perfect place for it to be. But it was a pleasure denied.

And it was that intensely erotic, divine pleasure that she realized she could sacrifice no longer. It was so unlike anything she had ever had and something this stranger could provide.

She smiled as she gunned the engine home, knowing this was the first time and not the last.

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